What Your Money Can Buy

Your donation to Miade, however small, can go a long way in improving the quality of life for the people of Togo.
The costs shown below might vary according to dollar rate.

For $5 You Can:
  • Provide basic school supplies for a child’s school term.
  • Provide a hygiene kit for one child in a local village.
For $10 You Can:
  • Train a pump mechanic to maintain a community water well.
  • Purchase two banners to promote awareness of the HIV & AIDS pandemic.
For $25 You Can:
  • Purchase foods that promote general health at monthly Nutrition Fairs.
  • Purchase 84 bottles of water purifier for families with children under 5.
For $50 You Can:
  • Purchase mosquito nets for nine vulnerable children to prevent malaria.
  • Purchase products for four enriched-porridge cooking demonstrations.
For $100 You Can:
  • Cover vocational school tuition for one out- of-school youth.
  • Purchase 10 shovels to rehabilitate one kilometer of impassable roads in three communities.
For $250 You Can:
  • Provide 50 orphans and vulnerable children with health insurance for a year.
For $500 You Can:
  • Erect a spring catchment well to provide clean water to 250 people.
For $1,000 You Can:
  • Help with the construction of a community dam for irrigation in rural communities.
For $2,000 You Can:
  • Rehabilitate a Community School or provide school support, (uniforms, shoes, exam fees, tuition, uniform etc.) for orphans and vulnerable children.
For $5,000 You Can:
  • Empower 50 women through adult literacy classes.
  • Erect a hand-pump water well for 500 people.
*These examples are approximations and are subject to change due to area of project implementation and currency exchange rates.